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Optimizing your property for structures, roads, and water systems can be costly, with surveyors charging up to $30,000.

Contour Map Generator offers a solution.

Our Comprehensive Mapping Package delivers ten layers of geospatial data designed for permaculture planning, combined with thorough training. Map your dream property efficiently and affordably, starting at just $19* CAD. Let Contour Map Generator be your guide to informed land planning, delivered conveniently and affordably.

*for the Basic Mapping Package
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Step 1:

Outline Area Tool
Select desired area on map
Click on the "Outline Area" button Outline Area Tool in the map below on the area you wish to map. If you would like to restart, click on the "Bin It" button Trash Icon to start over. It is advised that you draw a square that is bigger than your property in order to understand water and energy flows with your surroundings. Should you need to edit your square, use the "Edit" button Edit Icon and click on the "Preview" button to see your updated map.

Step 2:

Preview Icon
Preview contour map
Choose your unit of measurement (meters, feet) that you wish your output to be in. Then choose a contour interval appropriate for the property you are mapping. We recommend starting with a 1m - 2m (3ft - 6ft) contour interval. Please note that if you purchase just the contour map, that this user defined contour interval is what you will receive. Purchasers of the comprehensive map bundle are given contours at 7 intervals. Click the "Preview" button Preview Icon before proceeding to step 3.

Step 3:

Generate Icon
Generate Google Earth File
Click on the "Generate" button, Generate Icon and you will receive an email confirming the mapping package you chose, according to your payment option.

As a reminder, the comprehensive map bundle includes all of the layers, whilst the contour map includes only the user defined contours. With an expedited purchase, you can expect your map within a couple of hours after payment is received; with standard delivery you can expect your map within 24 hours.

Step 4:

Check out our free online training
While you're waiting for your map to be generated and sent to you, take the time to check out the complimentary course. There, you will learn the ins-and-outs of your new comprehensive mapping package and more.

In the free tutorial, we go over the basic tools of Google Earth Pro and how to use those tools to optimize the design of your property. What's more is we go over the entire suite of layers offered in the comprehensive mapping bundle in detail so you can be sure to get the most out of your new map.
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Included in the comprehensive mapping package is:

  • Elevation:
    identifies the high and low points
  • Contours:
    shows the flow between hills, valleys, ridges and depressions
  • Hillshade + Colored Hillshade:
    shows your property map in virtual 3D
  • Aspect + Parted Aspect:
    shows North, East, West and/or South facing slopes to identify sunlight exposure, precipitation, temperature variations, microclimate, and soil quality
  • Slope Angle + Parted Slope Angle:
    helps determine the best use for each area, from forestry to crops to construction
  • Slope Direction:
    shows the flow of water and air, and identifying diurnal warm or cold microclimates)
  • Local Drainage Network:
    locates drainage networks and watersheds, indicating where to place swales, ponds, and water harvesting features
  • Greater Water Catchment:
    shows the larger scale watershed in which your property is located, including major rivers and tributary networks
  • Free online training:
    over two hours of comprehensive training so you can get the most out of your map
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Envisioning a resilient, self-sustaining homestead? The first step is understanding your land. Since 2019, Contour Map Generator has been the trusted tool for precise, affordable property mapping, providing the knowledge you need to plan with confidence.

Dive deeper into your property's potential with our Comprehensive Mapping Package. Nine additional overlays offer critical data for optimal placement of water features, structures, and access routes. Make strategic homesteading decisions without the steep costs of professional surveyors.

From stormwater management to the location of your passive-solar home, driveway, or food forest, the Comprehensive Mapping Package turns complex decisions into straightforward ones.

Our tool works seamlessly with Google Earth Pro, a free platform, giving you a clear, detailed visualization of your future homestead.

Contour Map Generator saves you time, money, and effort. With a few clicks, you generate a detailed map of your property.

We offer two convenient delivery options for both the Basic Contour Map and Comprehensive Map Bundle:

Standard Delivery: Receive your map via email within 24 hours.

Expedited Delivery: Get your map even faster for a small additional cost.

But the possibilities don’t end here. Supercharge your mapping potential with LiDAR data, taking your land understanding to another level. Click the button below to inquire about LiDAR availability in your area.

Start building your resilient homestead today. Click on the 'View Instructions' tab above to get started. By trusting the Contour Map Generator, you’re turning your sustainable dreams into actionable plans for a future of abundance.