Contour Map Generator

Contour Map Generator


This contour map generator is part of The Adaptive Habitat Program.

The program has two pathways: (i) Self-Study or (ii) Guided & Guaranteed.

The program is hosted by Verge Permaculture and is a collaboration between Verge Permaculture, Adaptive Habitat, and Coen Farm.

Data Accuracy

Any data provided by the tool is purely informational.

If accuracy is required, data should be verified using another survey method.

Software, data and services

This tool is based on and works thanks to products/services of the following projects, companies or people: Leaflet, D3.js, Axis Maps, Mapbox, Mapzen, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Danilo da Rosa and Magick Media.

Contour Map Generator

Contour Map Generator

This contour map generator is a feature of The Adaptive Habitat Program, hosted by Verge Permaculture.
STEP 1: Select desired area on map
Navigate to the approximate location using map search and zoom functions.
Select the square icon to draw a square over the area you wish to map.
Use the pencil and box tool to edit the area or move the mapped area around. If you would like to delete the area, choose the trash can icon to start over.
STEP 2: Generate contour map

Choose the unit of measure [meters, feet] that you wish to use. Then choose a contour interval appropriate for the property you are mapping.

We recommend starting with a 1m - 2m [3ft - 6ft] contour interval.

STEP 3: Enter your email to sign up for the Adaptive Habitat Self-Study Program, and download your file.

The Self-Study Program is free, and by inputting your email below you gain access to:

  • Downloadable contour map for import into Google Earth (KML file).
  • Video instructions on how to import & use the contour map for designing your property in Google Earth.
  • The Adaptive Habitat Tool & video instructions
  • One-week land design e-course, delivered via email.
  • Access to five video case-studies (4+ hours) of past Adaptive Habitat projects.

Please ensure that you do not have popups blocked before submitting this form.

STEP 4: Download file to Google Earth Pro ™
Download the KML file, open up Google Earth Pro ™ and then open the KML file.
Drawing contours...